Germany silences journalist covering Ukraine, threatens prison, freezes family’s bank accounts

Jun 25, 2022. A criminal investigation has been opened against Alina Lipp, a German journalist based in the Donbass. She has been covering the Russian-Ukrainian conflict as an independent journalist and has fallen out of favor with the German government. Alina faces up to three years in prison.

Alina’s crimes apparently include having covered Ukraine’s war crimes in the Donbass, which have reportedly been taking place since 2014, according to multiple independent journalists.

The German government apparently froze her bank accounts, as well as those of her father.

In a video posted on Telegram, the journalist explains, “Yesterday I received this letter from the German authorities, telling me that they have opened a criminal case against me. And for the Germans, supporting the Russian special operation is already a criminal act for which you can get three years in prison. In their letter they write that on February 24 I posted a message on Telegram saying that the denazification has started and that the inhabitants of the Donbass region support Russia in its decision to launch the special operation.”