War Crimes in Ukraine?

May 27, 2022.

A supposedly leaked document that has circulated widely on social networks, allegedly showing that a senior Russian general had instructed Russian soldiers to fabricate evidence of Ukrainian war crimes, appears to be a forgery. The Intercept

Russian POWs shot in the leg by Ukrainian forces: Video

French media documents war crimes by NATO-backed Ukrainian neo-Nazi militias: Wsws.org

Ukraine, Donbass: Russian-speaking civilians have been victims of the army for years. In 2015, A.-L. Bonnel, then still a very young French documentary filmmaker, journalist, lecturer at the Sorbonne, at the behest of her heart, went to Donbass to accompany her father, a Ukrainian by birth. At the height of the war, she captured horrific footage of the Nazi regime’s punitive operation and the unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe associated with it. In his journal, the author comprehensively touches on the conflict. The French director gathered the detained people who met by chance during the trip. Le Media en 442

Washington pushing Kyiv to reignite the war in the Donbass: Donbass Insider

“Ukraine has been bombing its own population for eight years and there have been 13,000 deaths”: Le Media en 442