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Full Tucker Carlson video: White House slams Fox News host Carlson over Jan 6 segment

Carlson has been criticised for TV segment that used cherry-picked video to portray US Capitol rioters as peaceful.

Unconfirmed reports of a fire in Moscow near Scientific Research Institute of Precision Instruments

  There have been unconfirmed reports today of a fire that broke out in Moscow near the Scientific Research Institute of Precision Instruments, a manufacturer “various radio engineering equipment and software-hardware complexes that meet the highest requirements of the Russian aerospace industry,” according to their web site. Videos were posted to TikTok, Twitter and Reddit. Twitter video can be found…

Glenn Greenwald: Revealed – Mass Media Complicity in “Russian Disinformation” Fraud, w/ Matt Taibbi | SYSTEM UPDATE #30

Reports of drone attacks in Iran and Syria

Corruption Ledger does not not endorse or confirm the below content. Media is currently unverified. BREAKING MULTIPLE REPORTS: 🇬🇧UK-🇺🇲US-🇪🇺EU-armed military action targets 🇮🇷Iran humanitarian aid trucks loaded with flour and rice near Iraq-#Syria border as CIA boss arrives in Israel. (Video unverified) pic.twitter.com/tMy6YRB4WI — Afshin Rattansi (@afshinrattansi) January 29, 2023 Details on the #Iran Isfahan attack, which happened around 11:30…

Vladimir Putin Press Conference – December 22 2022 – English Subtitles

Sanctions on anti-war, Ukrainian individuals? Alex Ozhelskiy and Mikhail Fridman

Alexander Ozhelskiy, 22, son of Russian billionaire Mikhail Fridman, posted a video address in which he says that he does not support the war in Ukraine and thinks the sanctions against him are unfair. Alexander states that he has participated in “pro-Ukrainian protests”. Ozhelskiy is the co-founder and general director of Esef Direct Investments LLC, as well as a co-founder…

Not being covered in media: Official UK data on adverse reactions to vaccination and “excess deaths”

UK week ending 5 August 2022 Video and notes by Dr. John Campbell 799 deaths involving COVID-19 registered (6.5%) – Down from 923 in the previous week (7.3%) – (First decrease following six weeks of increases) – Lag of three weeks between infection and dying as a result of infection – Total number of deaths registered in the UK, W/E…

Watch: Greenpeace Warns of Nuclear Crises in Ukraine from Chernobyl to Russian Control of Zaporizhzhia

Aug 6, 2022. Democracy Now Video

Watch: Warnings Grow over Nuclear Annihilation as Tensions Escalate Between U.S., Russia & China

Democracy Now Video

Ukraine has a kill list, and Canadian Journalist Eva Bartlett is on it

June 15, 2022. Eva K Bartlett: RT had me on yesterday to discuss Ukraine’s kill list & my entry on it. I highlighted Canada’s cozy relationship with Ukraine, including with the Nazi battalions, Chrystia Freeland’s Nazi-collaborating grandpa , and why I feel safer living in Russia than I would were I back in Canada where Ukrainian nationalists & Nazi supporters…

Yemeni Man Maimed in US Drone Strike as Pentagon Refuses Help

2022-06-01. Calls are growing for the Pentagon to acknowledge that a U.S. drone strike on March 29, 2018, in Yemen mistakenly struck civilians. Adel Al Manthari was the only survivor of the drone strike, which killed his four cousins as they were driving a car across the village of Al Uqla. The Pentagon refuses to admit the men were civilians and…

NIH, Wuhan were working on Monkeypox

2022-06-01 Dr. Campbell’s Notes Wuhan Institute of Virology published on monkeypox research 3 months ago NIH also have been researching monkeypox treatment: NIH SOURCE Total funding, $9,824,009 The funding supports a clinical trial to identify effective treatments for monkeypox A re-emerging pathogen A disease of epidemic potential Causes significant morbidity and can result in death Human cases have been increasing…

Disappeared Chris Hedges: Democracy Now. YouTube Deleted 6-Year Archive

May 24, 2022

Bill Gates calls for global surveillance for pandemic threats, and Gates would be in charge


More money to Ukraine. What’s your government doing for its own citizens?

May 7, 2022. The U.S. government wants $33 billion more for the War in Ukraine and is telling its people that Russia is a threat not only to Ukraine, but to Americans. The enormous aid package is twice the size of a provision approved by Congress last month. It would eclipse all the spending by the United States so far…

How Civil Wars Start (Barbara F Walter)