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WHO, YouTube and funding: Will Dr. Campbell switch to Rumble to avoid censorship?

Dr. John Campbell, long-time WHO employee and Ph.D. health expert, struggles to explain current funding biases in relation to the Gates Foundation and censorship on Google’s Youtube platform, as well as the larger global issue of silencing sound medical advice in response to financial interests and government pressure.

Not being covered in media: Official UK data on adverse reactions to vaccination and “excess deaths”

UK week ending 5 August 2022 Video and notes by Dr. John Campbell 799 deaths involving COVID-19 registered (6.5%) – Down from 923 in the previous week (7.3%) – (First decrease following six weeks of increases) – Lag of three weeks between infection and dying as a result of infection – Total number of deaths registered in the UK, W/E…

NIH, Wuhan were working on Monkeypox

2022-06-01 Dr. Campbellā€™s Notes Wuhan Institute of Virology published on monkeypox research 3 months ago NIH also have been researching monkeypox treatment: NIH SOURCE Total funding, $9,824,009 The funding supports a clinical trial to identify effective treatments for monkeypox A re-emerging pathogen A disease of epidemic potential Causes significant morbidity and can result in death Human cases have been increasing…