Monero vs. Centralized Authority

Monday August 1, 2020.Monero hits all-time high monthly transactions (

Wednesday Aug 3, 2022. If there has been one cryptocurrency that has taken the market by surprise over the last 24 hours, it’s Monero [XMR]. In a market where top coins, including Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH], have dropped in price, XMR has increased. At press time, the private cryptocurrency had gone up 7.84% as per CoinMarketCap. (AMBcrypto)

Monday May 9, 2022. Poloniex crypto exchange has had XMR deposits and withdrawals disabled at least since April 13, 2022. 

Trollbox is constantly full of question about XMR withdrawal and support seems to be eager to ban those users. I strongly advise to leave this exchange.

Friday April 29, 2022. News cycles seem to have gone back to normal for Monero as markets plummet. The more interesting news is that the S&P 500 and Nasdaq have posted the worst month since March 2020 and investors are too busy licking their wounds to be complaining about private cryptocurrency today.

“The stock market has collapsed, the most leading of leading indicators shows the economy is going to crash,” he said. “Look out below.” (WAPO)
-Chris Rupkey, chief economist at market research firm FWD Bonds

Would it be wrong to rejoice if your money was currently in the form of Monero and not in AMZN stock?

Previous updates
Positive content published on the private Monero / XMR cryptocurrency was once hard to come by, what with all the focus on crime and money laundering. It’s worth noting that Monero is a private currency for regular people who value the fundamental right to privacy. We archived some of the positive sources, as such articles tend to disappear shortly after publishing. Even the Wayback Machine refused to archive one of these.

Monero’s defiance of the downward trend (Blazetrends) Apr 22, 2022
While markets for cryptocurrencies seem to be in a bear market, Monero is the only coin able to escape the solid downtrend. The largest privacy coin continues to rise happily.

Monero Is on Rise with Hashrate and Exchange Inflows Rising Rapidly ( Apr 19, 2022
The main reason behind the increased demand is most likely tied to the demand for “privacy coins,” or cryptocurrencies developed to provide the highest privacy possible…” This item doesn’t get a link to source because, without evidence or argument, the author claims that the one reason why Monero is gaining popularity is that criminals appreciate privacy–as though regular folk have no interest in privacy or Monero. Has someone done a study? Obviously not. You cannot poll anonymous users and cannot perform a randomized study where there is true privacy. Is there any reason to think cash and non-privacy coins are less prone to criminal use than Monero?  

Monero: This is why XMR price is outperforming privacy cryptos (FXstreet) Apr 19, 2022
Since Monero offers users higher privacy than other cryptocurrencies and its transactions are difficult to trace and track, XMR has witnessed higher adoption and utility. Post the hard fork; there would be improvements in the multiple signature mechanism. The bulletproof+ upgrade will ensure transactions don’t contain false information on the Monero blockchain.

Monero Owners Are Staging a Crypto Bank Run to Test Exchanges (Vice) Apr 18, 2022
“The reason for this stunt calls back to Monero’s privacy-enhancing features. Whereas Bitcoin transactions are easily traceable on its blockchain, Monero is more resistant to tracking…” Article uses cliché terms like ‘cybercriminals’ and fails to mention that XMR is also attractive to people who love privacy or are living in repressive regimes that won’t let women hold bank accounts, for instance. So this source doesn’t get a link.

Monero Surges as Owners Set Withdrawal From Exchanges (Bloomberg) Apr 18, 2022
Privacy-focused cryptocurrency Monero is staging a surprising surge on Monday, running counter to the declines shown by most other tokens.Monero rose as much as 14%, while Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market value, dropped 4% and Ether fell 5%. Other altcoins tumbled even more, with Ethereum Classic and EOS down more than 8%.

XMR Crypto Prices Spike as Monero Bulls Coordinate Mass Withdrawals (InvestorPlace) Apr 18, 2022.
Thanks to the rocky relationship between Monero and the powerful authorities who stand in opposition to privacy coins, XMR crypto holders have voiced skepticism toward the way centralized entities handle their favorite coin.

Indeed, talk is heating up among Monero users regarding a lack of transparency over how CEXs handle XMR transations. These users assert that CEXs do not accurately or openly disclose the XMR reserves that they hold on their platforms. Moreover, XMR bulls are quite angry that many of these CEXs are barring the trading of XMR altogether. Of course, these actions fall in line with bearish regulators’ desires to derail privacy coins.

This chatter is fueling a fair bit of XMR price action today. Over the weekend, Monero users had coordinated a “bank run” set for this morning. The bank run sees Monero users withdrawing XMR holdings from centralized trading platforms en masse, to see whether the exchanges are being truly accurate in their reserve figures.

As we get into the day, it looks like this event has begun. Trading volume of the XMR crypto is up 140%, with over $350 million in XMR trading hands. It appears that Monero users are primarily targeting Binance (BNB-USD), KuCoin (KCS-USD),, Kraken and Huobi as a part of the run. Indeed, these platforms are seeing the highest trading volumes. Meanwhile, the action is helping to lever the coin up by about 7%, taking prices over $250.

Monero community set to blitz CEXs in coming ‘Monerun’ (CryptoSlate) Apr 15, 2022
The Monero community is driving support to withdraw XMR in a coordinated effort called “Monerun” on April 18 in response to “shady practices involving paper Monero,” by centralized exchanges (CEXs). The organizers point the finger at Binance, Huobi, and Poloniex expressly. They say metric data from these CEXs should be excluded from the crypto aggregator platform CoinGecko.

Monero at 3-Month High, appeal boosted by sanctions. ( Apr 12, 2022
Bitcoin Maintains $42K, Monero at 3-Month High After 8% Spike. There are speculations about entities using Monero as a means of bypassing sanctions which could have boosted the appeal of the token among investors. The American research group Brookings also warned that Monero could be used as a part of a sanction-evasion scheme.

Monero defies crypto market slump with 10% XMR price rally ( Apr 11, 2022

Monero (XMR) biggest weekly gainer. ( Apr 11, 2022
Monero (XMR) is the biggest weekly gainer among major cryptocurrencies as 48 of the 50 biggest digital coins were down week-on-week. XMR hit its three-month high of $244.30 on Sunday and is up 11.2% week-on-week, making it the biggest gainer among the fifty major cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation. The second biggest weekly gainer among the top 50 coins, dogecoin (DOGE) added 1.6% in that period. Meanwhile, the rest of the top 50 cryptocurrencies pack barring stablecoins were in red over the last seven weeks of trading. Bitcoin (BTC) lost 8.3% in the same period while ether (ETH) is down 9.2%, data from show.

XMR steals the show. ( Apr 10, 2022.
The altcoins suffered just as badly as bitcoin yesterday, but most have calmed today with minor gains. Ethereum dropped by $300 in days to $3,200 but has remained above that line following a slight increase. Monero has stolen the show from the mid-cap altcoins with an 8% increase. As a result, XMR jumped to its highest price line since early January at $240. Monero Faces 8% Surge as Capitalization Suddenly Spikes by $150 Million: Analysis.

Monero shines during crypto markets decline. (CoinTelegraph) Apr 10, 2022
Privacy-focused cryptocurrency Monero (XMR) rallied by nearly 9.5% in the past week compared with the crypto market’s decline of 8.5% in the same period. The XMR/United States dollar pair has broken above a strong multi-month resistance trendline, hinting at more upside ahead. Monero’s market capitalization has risen by almost 85% to $4.30 billion since February. While technical indicators suggest that it could grow further in the second quarter.