Air Moldova suspends all flights and applies for pre-insolvency procedure

Air Moldova has submitted to court a request to enter a pre-insolvency accelerated restructuring procedure. The airline says the move will help it avoid bankruptcy and absorb some $50mn from unnamed investors, according to a company press release.

The company blames its difficult financial situation on the debts inherited on privatisation, the loss of revenues during the COVID-19 crisis and the ban on flights after the invasion of Ukraine. It highlights that the state did not extend any financial support, while foreign airlines were supported during the COVID-19 crisis.

The company suspended all flights and ticket sales starting May 2. The resumption of activity will be possible within three days from a positive court decision, the company said.

“Investors are ready to invest around $50mn in Air Moldova. These investments would settle the company’s financial problems and would allow the company to renew its own fleet. Investments cannot be made outside the accelerated restructuring procedure due to the increased risk of an attack from existing creditors,” says Air Moldova.

The airline said that the accelerated restructuring will allow the company to use the capital injection strictly for the development of the company, so that later, in time, the existing debts will be paid.

Air Moldova was privatised in 2018 but the identity of the investors was never made public.