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As Sean Hannity’s (Fox News) former director awaits extradition to US for entangled sanctions mess with Russia, Konstantin Malofeyev’s US bank account was just seized

Prosecutors on Wednesday moved to confiscate $5.4 million from a U.S. bank account belonging to Russian businessman Konstantin Malofeyev, who Washington has accused of financing separatists in eastern Ukraine and Crimea and imposed sanctions on him. (Reuters) Konstantin Malofeyev is the founder of Tsargrad TV, and has been reported in western media to be a regular “consultant” to the Kremlin….

Russia cuts off more gas supplies to Europe

2022-06-01. Russia is cutting off more gas supplies to Europe. On Tuesday, the state energy company Gazprom cut off some gas to the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany. This came hours after the EU banned most Russian oil imports. (Democracy Now) Denmark Denmark’s largest energy company said Russia cut off its gas supply Wednesday because it refused to pay in rubles,…

Russia cuts off gas to Poland and Bulgaria. Who in Europe is next?

Vladimir Putin announced last month that if “unfriendly countries” wanted to continue buying Russian natural gas, they would have to pay in rubles starting April 1. It seems not everyone believed he was serious. Would Russia really turn away profit by refusing payment in other currencies? Apparently so. Many media outlets are calling the move a ‘weaponization’ of the gas…

ExxonMobil suspends Russian Far East LNG project, Interfax reports

ExxonMobil (XOM.N) has suspended its liquefied natural gas project in Russia’s Far East, Interfax news agency quoted a Russian governor as saying on Monday, after the firm announced plans to quit the country following Western sanctions. ExxonMobil said last month it would exit its Russian oil and gas operations, which it had valued at more than $4 billion, and halt…

FCC adds Russia’s Kaspersky & China telecom firms to national security threat list

 – Summary –  Sanctioned by FCC March 25, 2022: AO Kaspersky Lab, China Telecom (Americas) Corp [0728.HK], China Mobile International USA [0941.HK] Previously Sanctioned by FCC: Huawei Technologies Co [HWT.UL], ZTE Corp [000063.SZ], China Telecom Americas (U.S. auth revoked in October 2021), Pacific Networks (U.S. auth revoked Mar 17, 2022), ComNet (U.S. auth revoked Mar 17, 2022), China Unicom [0762.HK]…

“Hostile” countries must now pay for Russian gas in Russian currency, Rubles, Putin says

According to Russian state media, RT, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Western sanctions against his country have dealt a large blow to public trust in th4e U.S. Dollar and the Euro. Putin argued that the penalties showed it “makes no sense anymore” to sell Russian goods in the US and the EU while receiving payment in dollars or euros….

79 HMTreasury entries amended – consolidated list

79 entries have been amended on the consolidated list and remain subject to an asset freeze. On 18 March 2022 the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office updated the UK Sanctions List on GOV.UK. The following provides details of those designated under regulations made under the Sanctions Act. Amendments have been made to entries under the following financial sanctions regimes: Belarus; Chemical Weapons; Cyber, Russia and Zimbabwe. The relevant notices…

UK sanctions Sberbank Monday and loosens restrictions Tuesday

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