Tag: Mass Surveillance

CDC bought data harvested from millions of phones to monitor trends not related to COVID-19

May 10, 2022. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) bought access to location data harvested from tens of millions of phones in the United States to perform analysis of compliance with curfews, track patterns of people visiting K-12 schools, and specifically monitor the effectiveness of policy in the Navajo Nation, according to CDC documents obtained by Motherboard. The…

Clearview AI settlement: Will stop selling facial recognition tool to private firms and continue working with law enforcement

May 9, 2022. Facial recognition company Clearview AI has agreed to stop its sales to private companies in the United States as part of a landmark settlement reining in a technology criticized as threatening Americans’ privacy rights. The settlement, filed Monday in federal court in Illinois, marks the most significant court action yet against Clearview AI, a company known for…

CIA Still Spying on Americans Despite Legal Ban

The CIA is still carrying out its own bulk surveillance program in the United States despite a legal ban on the agency carrying out domestic operations.