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US / SEC sues Coinbase and Binance, files motion to freeze Binance assets

The top US securities regulator sued cryptocurrency platform Coinbase on Tuesday, the second lawsuit in two days against a major crypto exchange, in a dramatic escalation of a crackdown on the industry and one that could dramatically transform a market that has largely operated outside regulation. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Monday took aim at Binance, the…

Swatch exec suffers mental illness after bullying by boss

  Labor authorities have recognized that the mental illness suffered by an executive of the Japanese leg of Swiss watchmaker Swatch Group Ltd was caused by bullying at the hands of the branch’s president, constituting an industrial accident, the employee’s union said Wednesday. The executive, a Japanese woman in her 50s, claims she was relentlessly scolded by the president of…

Press group: China biggest global jailer of journalists

WASHINGTON (AP) — China was the biggest global jailer of journalists last year with more than 100 behind bars, according to a press freedom group, as President Xi Jinping’s government tightened control over society. Xi’s government also was one of the biggest exporters of propaganda content, according to Reporters without Boarders. China ranked second to last on the group’s annual…

Amid a child labor crisis, U.S. state governments are loosening regulations

A series of investigative reports over the last few months has revealed that migrant children, mostly from Central America, are working in some of the most dangerous jobs in the U.S. New York Times investigative journalist Hannah Dreier has interviewed more than 100 migrant children working in violation of child labor laws across 20 states. “I talked to a 12-year-old…

Blackstone Group company employed children employed children to clean slaughterhouses in U.S. (Packers Sanitation Services / PSSI)

Packers Sanitation Services Inc. (PSSI), based in Kieler, Wisconsin, has paid 1.5 million U.S. dollars in civil money penalties after a DOL investigation found that the company “employed at least 102 children — from 13 to 17 years of age — in hazardous occupations and had them working overnight shifts at 13 meat processing facilities in eight states,” a statement read.

Children were working with hazardous chemicals and cleaning meat processing equipment including back saws, brisket saws, and head splitters, according to the investigation, which began in August 2022.

EPA orders Norfolk Southern to clean up toxic derailment in Ohio

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ordered Norfolk Southern on Tuesday to pay for the cleanup of the East Palestine, Ohio train wreck and chemical release as federal regulators took charge of long-term recovery efforts and promised worried residents they wouldn’t be forgotten.

China replies to US rumor that it is planning to help Russia: “Stop deflecting the blame and spreading disinformation;” Zelenskyy escalates with talk of world war

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke to CBS television on Sunday of information that China was “considering providing lethal support” to Russia. When asked what he meant by that, Blinken replied, “Weapons, primarily weapons.”

Drought in Horn of Africa worse than in 2011 famine

Below-normal rainfall is expected over the next three months in parts of Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz declines to testify in Bernie Sanders hearing

“If Mr. Schultz believes that a multibillion-dollar corporation like Starbucks can break federal labor law with impunity, he is mistaken,” Sanders said.

Jordan Chariton interview: Erin Brockovich Furious Over East Palestine Ohio Train Explosion, Government Response